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With us, canteen meals become a royal philosophy.


Exquisite quality – in every regard!

We don’t need many words to talk about what makes us special. Our philosophy is the commitment to environmentally friendly quality, freshness and cost efficiency because we are convinced about premium quality at a realistic price!

In this manner, we upgrade one-dimensional canteen meals to a multifarious concept of freshness. On a daily basis, we offer culinary highlights, good tasting food, light cuisine and healthy recipes. This ranges from the procurement of the best regional ingredients with a high level of freshness – if required also from organic sources – right up to processing methods and food concepts developed by our creative chefs.

In order to ensure quality assurance, procurement is centrally and our products are bought exclusively from certified, renowned brand suppliers. We obtain the best possible conditions, undergo regular controls by external authorities, carry out audits at our suppliers and even put ourselves under the scrutiny of the high quality and hygiene standards of airline catering.


Food concepts

Food culture for the advanced – Recipes for more zest for life! 

Ideally, we combine healthy eating and with guilt-free enjoyment in all our food concepts.
This notion is apparent in our sustainable, seasonally orientated regional kitchen concept.







Regional, sustainable and fresh! With our Miles Kitchen concept, we support sustainably producing partner organisations within 75 miles of your canteen and offer high quality, regional and seasonally orientated quality meals. In this manner, we strengthen the economy in your direct neighbourhood, avoid long transportation routes and contribute to reducing the levels of CO2 emissions.



LIGHT KITCHEN: daily light


Light, regional, seasonal – in a carefree manner, please enjoy delicious dishes from the Mediterranean or classical cuisine in the form of our healthy enjoyment-concept! Fresh vegetables and vitamin rich herbs, valuable cereals, high quality oils and spices, carefully prepared, thereby ensuring high productivity levels, vital power and an all round good feeling at the workplace





With CHICUCINA® you are offering your employees health, well being and culinary pleasure at the highest level! This innovative and unique meal concept harmoniously brings together nutrition physiological findings with dietetics according to the five elements

And the best thing about it is that pasta stays pasta und wok stays wok! Even the original taste of endemic dishes remains completely unchanged. CHICUCINA® is inspired, amongst others, by the careful selection of individual food items and spices, by the seasons, the energy content of ingredients, the cooking temperature and the specific cooking method, like “round cooking”.  


With our food concepts, canteen meals become more than just eating.
The following is important in our kitchens:

•   Very high percentage of fresh products
•    High percentage of regionally produced products – also organic
•    Gentle cooking methods
•    Extensive avoidance of frozen produce
•    Deployment of fresh herbs and spices, meaning no industrial spices
•    Fresh preparation of produce directly before serving
•    Focus on flexibility within our menus – favourite dishes, vegetarian Consideration of allergy issues and food intolerances, theme days, speciality weeks etc.


And because food is so much more than just the sum of its ingredients, we like to talk about it with our guests – please do speak to our chefs!

Client orientation

Yes, in all events full service – heartfelt please!

We want to make you enthusiastic. Out client orientation is defined by the best gastronomic expert advice, right from the very first day, and will accompany you daily with our friendly service staff. We attach great importance to meeting your corporate cultural- and operational requirements and this is why we maintain close contact to our suppliers, partners and not least our valued employees. For only an inspired network is able to put the cherry on the cake of premium catering performance. The very best service that pays close attention to detail, an attractive and sparkling clean ambiance, professionalism and speed, flexibility and a highly organised structure – we would like to accompany you as satisfied customers for a long time.

High time that we met!