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Company catering with a fresh new concept

Royal Business Restaurants –
the quality revolution in corporate canteens

Since 2002, Royal Business Restaurants have set new culinary standards in corporate canteens. Daily, 120 employees ensure perfect contract- and event catering in Germany.

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Taste, quality and cost efficient catering. Shown at its best


We don’t need many words to talk about what makes us special. Our philosophy is to provide environmentally friendly quality, freshness and cost efficiency in all aspects of corporate catering. We are confident in being able to provide premium quality at a realistic price! …

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Food concepts

Ideally, we combine healthy eating and with guilt-free enjoyment in all our food concepts. This notion is apparent in our sustainable, seasonally orientated regional kitchen concept “Miles Kitchen” …

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Client orientation

We want to make you enthusiastic. Out client orientation is defined by the best gastronomic expert advice, right from the very first day, and will accompany you daily with our friendly service staff. We attach great importance to it …

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Companies need businessmen as point of contact

With Royal Business Restaurants, the owners personally supervise each individual project with know-how and a wealth of experience.

Only in this manner can catering concepts convince right from the first idea to the actual implementation. And only in this manner can a joint strategy development, a target-orientated communication without divergence loss and a result-orientated, economic execution for your corporate catering take place.

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Perfect service and a whole lot more!

Royal Business Restaurants represents premium cooking and a perfect organisation structure within the sector of corporate catering.

Constant team improvement occurs at all levels, through flexibility, friendliness and fairness.

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Mr Smith has already arrived for his meal!

In premium catering, the guest always comes first! International cooking tradition, combined with profound factual information from nutritional science and modern dietetics result in delicious, healthy corporate catering at a premium level.

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This is genuine canteen freshness.

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